Blue River WWTP Effluent Disinfection Section II

The Water Service Department of Kansas City, Missouri has recently undertaken the Blue River WWTP Disinfection project. This $96 million dollar project was undertaken to improve the quality of the effluent the city’s six wastewater treatment facilities release back into area waterways. It is part of Water Services’ 25-year federally mandated Overflow Control Program.

Blue River WWTP Effluent Disinfection Section II – Chemical Feed Facilities is a $48 million dollar phase of the project. The Blue River WWTP is Kansas City’s largest effluent treatment plant and manages the flow of 72 million gallons of wastewater daily. Designed by Black and Veatch and installed by Foley Company, installation began in October 2012 and will take several years to complete.

Hobas Pipe USA is supplying 2,500 feet of 96-inch and 1,100 feet of 48- to 72-inch centrifugally cast, fiberglass reinforced, polymer mortar (CCFRPM) pipe. The maximum depth of the buried pipeline is 24 feet with a minimum depth of 10 feet. The high stiffness design of the Hobas 46-psi pipes is suitable to handle the deep covers and also handle potential HS-20 traffic loads at shallow covers. Numerous custom fittings such as elbows and reducers are being supplied to perfectly fit the complicated treatment plant layout.